Paritée Olé Quadrupède de Fergeau

Paris, as we call her, was born on the 29th of April 2004. She is a child of Eloquent d'Or Quadrupède de Fergeau.
Her name Paritée means "similar, corresponding" the line from which she is a child is corresponding: Paris looks similar like her mother Elo and Elo looks similar like her mother Orfa. Only when you look good to the coloring and drawings of the coat you know "who is who".

Paris had excellent results on Dutch shows, we did not show her in other countries. In 2006 Paris became definitive Dutch Champion. In 2011 she gained her hunting brevet.

As a puppy of about 4 months Paris moved to Alfred and Ingrid Driessen in Deventer. They wanted to know how it is to have two Petit Basset Griffon Vendéens. They had already for some years Joyau d'Or Quadrupède de Fergeau. Elmo as he is called is a half-brother of Paris.
The family Driessen liked it very much and Paris stayed in Deventer. Ingrid did the obedience course with Paris, they scored very good results.
Every time when we want to borrow Paris for a show, a litter, for hunting, or otherwise she lives for a while in Anna Paulowna. And the moment she comes she feels at home again in between the group Petits in Anna Paulowna.
A "high five" for Ingrid, Alfred and the children Lieke and Joost and also for Elmo for the lovable care of Paris!