Appelé Amie Quadrupède de Fergeau

Axy, as we called her, was born on 19th of March 1995. She is a child of Morebess Trèfle de Reims.

On the shows Axy did excellent: in 1996 she gained the title Youth World Winner, in 1997 she became definitive Dutch Champion. Also in Germany Axy had good results: in 1997 and 1998 she gained the title Bundessieger.

Axy had a passion for food: when there was somewhere something to eat she did not rest before she had found it.

We did not want to breed Axy because of a hereditary affection.

In spite of she was a very sweet Petit we could not keep her in the femalegroup, because of the fighting with other bitches.
The family Overweg adopted Axy full of love, where she lived more than ten years together with male Basset Fauves