Eloquent d'Or Quadrupède de Fergeau

Elo, as we call her, was born on the 7th of August 1998. She is a child of PBGV Pepperhill Ourson du Paysan and she is very similar to her mother. You can recognize Elo out of thousands because of her dark brown tail with a white point!

When Elo was growing up, we realized that she kept an eye on everything around her. We compared her with an Indian keeping everything under control. In a short time Elo became silently the leader in our group. Elo did her job perfectly: it did not matter if it was about other adult Petit Bassets or puppies from one of the others, or about children who came to visit. Elo knew how to handle to keep "her group under control".

Together with Elo in the field was very peculiar: I trusted her blindly and she trusted me blindly. One tip from one of us was for the other enough to know what was about: the track had to be followed!

Elo brought the first French hunting brevet in our Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen kennel.
On shows Elo did what we expected from her: in 2001 she became definitive Dutch Champion and in 2004 International Champion.
In 2003 Elo passed the Obedience Course with the third place of the dog school.