Hélio Ju Quadrupède de Fergeau

Hifi, as we call her, was born on the 12th of September 2000. She is a child of Junon de la Font Française and Gibier d'Or Quadrupède de Fergeau. However her mother was a real three-color, Hifi is orange/white, but mostly white.

Hifi does not think that showing is interesting, but still she has gained many titles: Brussels Winner 2002, Bundessieger 2002, World Winner 2002. She was best of all the Petits Bassets Griffons Vendéens females on the Clubmatch of the Griffon Vendéen club in 2002! Op 30 maart 2003 Hifi became defenitive Dutch Champion.

Hifi is a very nice and social Petit Basset, she likes everything what is in her surrounding children, adults and other dogs. Her greatest passion is hunting, in a group she is really in her element.

In 2002 on the obedience course she passed the exam as the best of the whole dogclub!
Passing for the hunting brevet took some more time because Hifi was much too excited in the field and because of that she could not keep the right track, many times she goes on to another track.
Getting older she got more quiet and in 2010 Hifi passed for the working brevet. And after all she became International Champion on high age.