About us

My name is Anita Ferrageau de St. Amand, in 1984 the first Petit Basset entered my house. It was Amelou des Barbus d' Entre Lac. Soon after Bénéfice des Barbus d' Entre Lac joined us. With those Petits my love for the race Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen was born. With both Petits I have been showing, especially Bennie had very good results. I decided to breed a litter, but first I wanted my own breeders name that was going to be Kennel Quadrupède de Fergeau.

Many years Wietske de Weerdt helped me with my dog activities, especially the training of the dogs for the obedience courses and working permits. In 2005, when I could not go on because of illness, Wietske took care of the dogs and continued all the dogs activities. At that time Wietske was already doing Petits Basset Griffon Vendéen activities under her own kennel name L'Orgueil Rustique for years.

Since 1985 we had wonderful results with our dogs on the show in The Netherlands as well in foreign countries, and also on hunting aspects. There are many Dutch Champions , German Champions and Luxembourg Champions and also International Champions. (International Champion: the dog can only become that title with 2 international points and an official Hunting brevet) The Petit, as they are shortly called, is an ideal domestic animal. He likes to be in the group: his family.

About the character of the PBGV

It is a compact, ferme dog with rough hair. Withers height is 34 - 38 cm. The PBGV is a pack dog, being alone is not his favorite situation. As owner you should be aware of it. It is a strong, healthy, fast and powerfull dog, with a ferm character. It is an active, happy, self-assured dog and is very enterprising.
De PBGV is always ready for a game or a walk. Untill high age he will be the clown of the family, he is very sweet and loves to be in the company of human and animal. He is a bit pig-headed and as master you have to be prepared for it. (A Petit will never be a docile dog as a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever)

As a breeder I think it is important that character, health and beauty of the breed go hand in hand with the origin of the breed. To me that means that I show and I hunt with my dogs! My dogs have already been involved in official hunting trials since 1994.

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen is a hound, they live together in a pack. This resulted in them being tolerant. They are very social towards family members and animals. They feel comfortable in a group, whether that group consists of humans, dogs or other animals. The PBGV is an alert and bright dog with a lot of perseverance. If a PBGV sets his mind on something, it will not postpone the deed or think about it first. Instead, the PBGV will go through with it and possibly think afterwards: "should I have done that"?

The PBGV is a working dog, he wants to work and achieve something. He is a quick learner provided that he sees the point of it. At least, he needs to derive great pleasure from it. If he derives the wanted pleasure from it, he will fancy anything. A PBGV likes to work and not just to hunt. He likes all kinds of games, agility, tracking and fly ball.
Our Petits have passed their elementary obedience courses with flying colors and only because they like to achieve a lot.