Hare trail

Is the following of the track of a hare-on-the-run with his nose (the dog should not have seen the hare). As soon the dog is on the track he has to use his huntingvoice, a kind of high barking.

In 1994 we started the hare trail with our dogs Pepperhill Ourson du Paysan (Orfa) and Morebess Trèfle de Reims (Tikus). We did this in accompagnement of Stichting Jagende Brak on an island in the Dutch Biesbosch. It was great fun: first all of us, matchcommittee, judges, competitors and all the supporters on the boat of Anton van de Ven.


However the training should be unattached, we mostly train our dogs on a "long lead". The reason is that the farmers not always like unattached dogs on their fields. But also on a long line is it worth training that way.